1st: Bonjour!

Hello evry1 (no subscriber yet..lol..) anyway,,juz feel like writing….my last blog was a failure…Crying face cuz i restricted that blog to cupcakes n things alike…The fact is,, i hardly do any baking anymore….(hostel’s life sux!)….

Mrs. Audry once said that in order to improve our english, we should try writing diaries….oh yeah,,diary!n i have soooo many diaries to date…(all free notebooks were made into diaries…hehe….).

OK,since tis wud be 1st my post here…i juz hope u ppl will support me…

i guess i dun have anything much to say 4 tis 1st entree as ive been doing nothing but house chores n sleep..(yeah..juz woke up n feels like blogging)..tadaa!~




(Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl n other girly stuffs that i got 4 myself 4 my 20th birthday!except that stila…its from ma fren…n another set of body shop…no place to letak tbs into tis pic..hehe..)

 what does the name symbolizes??

well,,,ive just started reading Sophie Kinsella’s “Twenties Girl” which i bought last semester break (3 months)..haha..but i only manage to read the book yesterday..(its been 3weeks of sem break by now)hehe…

Having read Twenties Girl till chap 9, i cud say the storyline has sort of similarity with Cecillia Ahern’s If You Could see Me now….(no offence anyway)

well,,it was a good story..but it doesnt really link my life to it (i tot it will as the title implies)…the main charac is 27 years of age…while i’ve just turned TWENTY10 days ago..hehe….

hope u’ll support me…merci.Winking smile

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